Rent your house if you owe on it

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A Comparison of the HTC Desire and HTC EVO 4G

HTC's EVO 4G earned an "excellent" rating from CNET Reviews. HTC has established itself as one of the better-known names in the mobile phone market with its long line of smartphones, which includes the HTC Desire and HTC EVO 4G. CNET Reviews was impressed with the Desire, which was released in March 2010, for its responsive touch screen, but was unimpressed with its camera. The website praised the EVO 4G, released in June 2010, for its large screen, but criticized it for its short battery life.

Internal Features

The Desire and EVO 4G are each built on the Android 2.1 Eclair operating system and use a 1 GHz Scorpion processor and an Adreno 200 graphics processing unit. While the EVO 4G's operating system is upgradeable to the Android 2.3 OS, the Desire's is only upgradeable to the Android 2.2 OS. The phones' GPU acts as a backup to the main processor and is given the task of performing the complicated calculations needed to operate 3-D applications, such as video games.


While the HTC Desire comes with 576MB of built-in memory, the HTC EVO 4G features 512MB of onboard memory. Both devices are equipped with built-in card slots that support microSD and microSDHC cards for up to 32GB of expanded memory. Originally, the Desire came with a 4GB microSDHC card pre-installed and the EVO 4G featured an 8GB microSDHC card already installed. Both phones' contact capacity depends on the amount of memory available, but offers photo and ring tone IDs and fields for multiple phone number entries.

Physical Features

The Desire, also known as the Bravo, is 4.7 inches long, 2.4 inches wide and 0.5 inch deep, while the EVO 4G, also known as the Supersonic, measures 4.8 inches long, 2.6 inches wide and 0.5 inch deep. At 6 oz., the EVO 4G is heavier than the Desire, which weighs 4.7 oz. Each phone features a capacitive touch screen that displays at 480 by 800 pixels of resolution, but with different sizes, color capacities and technologies. The Desire's 3.7-inch AMOLED screen produces more than 16 million colors, while the EVO 4G's 4.3-inch thin film transistor screen displays 65,000 colors. The phones do not feature flip or sliding components and use a touch-sensitive on-screen keyboard for data entry.


The HTC Desire features a 5-megapixel camera and the HTC EVO 4G is equipped with an 8-megapixel camera. Both phones are capable of recording high-definition video, but only the EVO 4G has a secondary camera that gives the phone videoconferencing functionality. Both phones are able to geotag, a process that embeds map and GPS coordinate data into each image taken by the phone. While both phones connect to Wi-Fi networks, only the EVO 4G features WiMAX technology, which expands wireless connectivity from 300 feet, as offered through Wi-Fi, to up to 30 miles.

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Rent your house if you owe on it
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