Special 70th birthday ideas

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Add-Ons for "Fallout: New Vegas"

The "New Vegas" add-ons give you hours of new content to enjoy. "Fallout: New Vegas" arrived in 2010, and it offered you dozens of quests to complete, plenty of characters to help or hinder and mysteries to solve throughout the bleak, post-apocalyptic wasteland of the Mojave. Since then, Obsidian has developed several add-ons to the game set in new locations, each of which increase the game's level cap by five and introduce new items and perks for you to obtain.

Dead Money

You begin this quest by following an intriguing message that your Pip-Boy picks up on its radio: a looping recording of an invitation to the elite Sierra Madre Casino. As you begin searching the "Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel" bunker where the signal is originating from, you're knocked unconscious, and you awake in an abandoned city with toxic gas in its streets and a mysterious mission from a man named Elijah -- who informs you that you're wearing a bomb collar that you can't remove without detonating it. You'll have to enlist the help of several others as you battle the "Ghost people," the last, mutated inhabitants of the city now trapped within hazmat suits, and you'll need to break into the Sierra Madre's vault for Elijah. This add-on received mediocre reviews that criticized its short length and repetitive gameplay but did commend its characters and plot.

Honest Hearts

Again this quest begins by a radio invitation, but this time the ones sending the message don't have devious plans for you. They're part of the "Happy Trails Cravan Company," and they're recruiting help for their trip to Utah to trade with the people living there. After a seven-day journey, you arrive in the beautiful but barren Zion National Park only to walk into an ambush. You alone survive, and you're thrown into the middle of a conflict between several tribes on the brink of war, and you'll soon have opportunity to work with the influential Joshua Graham, who has a questionable history with Caesar's Legion near New Vegas. Critics' reactions to this add-on were similar to the first, with criticism aimed at a lack of new gameplay elements and a weak story and praise for a few helpful additions, like quality weapons and perks.

Old World Blues

Yet another radio signal initiates this add-on, this time inviting anyone and everyone to a midnight movie showing at the "Mojave Drive-in." If you arrive between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m., you can interact with the crashed satellite you find, which transports you to "Big MT." You awake in a patient gown with stitches on your body as though someone has operated on you, and you soon discover that a few of your parts are missing -- even your brain has been replaced. You then meet the eccentric and unintentionally humorous members of the "Think Tank," who task you with locating important equipment necessary to stop the plans and attacks of Dr. Mobius. You'll find powerful new equipment within Big MT and discover some surprising information about its inhabitants and the origins of creatures in the Mojave, all the while hoping to reclaim your lost brain. Critics received this add-on much more positively than the first two, citing its length, imagination and characters as strong elements, and pointing at reliance on established gameplay techniques throughout as a possible weakness.

Lonesome Road

This upcoming add-on will answer many questions raised throughout New Vegas quests and even in a number of the add-ons. "Fallout: New Vegas" began with Benny attempting to execute you outside of Goodsprings so he could steal a package you were delivering, an apparently unimportant item called the "platinum chip." Later you discover that another courier named Ulysses was supposed to deliver it, but he backed out at the last minute, and since then you've had the opportunity to briefly hear of the courier in the Zion National Park and Big MT. This add-on will begin with Ulysses contacting you and promising to explain why he refused the delivery and answer your many questions, if you agree to take a final job and travel to the turbulant "Divide."

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Special 70th birthday ideas
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