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3.5Mm & 2.5Mm Jack Differences

Earbuds have either a 3.5 mm or a 2.5 mm audio jack. Both the 3.5 mm (millimeter) and 2.5 mm jacks are miniaturized versions of the original 6.3 mm telephone switchboard plug. As technology reduced the size of telephone equipment, the 3.5 and 2.5 jacks emerged. More and more mobile phones use the 3.5 mm headset (or ear buds) audio connection; most music headsets are manufactured with a 3.5 mm jack. When you buy a music headset for your mobile phone or other electronic device, check though that it has the correct jack for your device.


These connectors are called "jacks" but technically "jack" is the name of the socket half of the audio connector. The socket is the part that is built into the device (e.g., cell phone) and the "jack" is connected to the end of the headphone wire and plugs into the socket. Jacks are also called plugs because they "plug" into the device. The 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm jacks are also called audio, stereo, phone or headset plugs. The 3.5 mm jack is called a "mini" as in mini-jack or mini-plug, and the 2.5 mm jack is called a "submini" as in submini-jack or submini-plug.


The 3.5 mm jack is the standard for music players, personal computers, netpads, laptops and a growing number of mobile phones. The 2.5 mm jack is the standard for phone headsets, which include a number of cordless and mobile phones. Adapters allow a person to use both sizes interchangeably.


Both the 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm jacks come in two types: mono and stereo. You can visually identify either one by counting the number of bands between contacts on the jack. The mono jack has a metal tip (contact), then a narrow band of insulation and then a metal sleeve (contact). Looking at the mono jack you'll see all metal separated by a single band of insulation. The stereo plug has the same metal tip (contact), a band of insulation, a metal sleeve (contact), a second band of insulation then a third metal sleeve (contact). Looking at the stereo jack you'll see all metal separated by two bands of insulation. When purchasing an adapter to use a 3.5 mm jack with a 2.5 mm socket or to use a 2.5 mm jack with a 3.5 mm socket, the adapter should be mono for mono type jacks or stereo for stereo type jacks.

Physical Size

The diameter size is the major difference between these two different jacks. The 3.5 mm jack is approximately 1/8 inch in diameter. The 2.5 mm jack is approximately 3/32 inch in diameter. There is no electrical difference between the two jacks.

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Make outdoor sign letters
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